Post-Deadline Paper Submission


The submission deadline of post-deadline papers from the EDAS (web) system
Nov. 17, Tuesday, 23:59 GMT/UTC

Paper Submission Regulations and Agreements

You are welcome to submit your paper to MWP2020 (Click for Call for Paper). Please carefully read and follow the instructions given below and on the EDAS submission system.

1. Preparation of Your Paper

Please use the IEEE provided templates when preparing your paper. Note that the final paper must be in Portable Document Format (PDF). The paper should have at least 2 pages and must not exceed 4 pages.

2. Preparation of the PDF Manuscript

For converting your source files (word, ps, etc) to PDF we strongly recommend to use IEEE PDF eXpress™, a free service for submissions. IEEE PDF eXpress™ will accept your source files and create a pdf file in accordance with the IEEE guidelines (Conversion function) or, it will check your own PDF for IEEE Xplore compatibility (PDF Check function).

Note that IEEE PDF eXpress converts or checks the file, but you still have to submit the final (converted) pdf file to the EDAS submission system.

To convert your document to PDF or to check your PDF file now, please click the following link:

IEEE PDF eXpress™ (<< Click)

Conference ID: 48676X

3. Copyright Transfer

If the paper is accepted, the copyright of the paper will be transferred to the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE).
Please fill out the IEICE Copyright Transfer Form and submit it in PDF via EDAS.

The authors retain the following rights:
(1) All proprietary rights other than copyrights.
(2) Re-use of all or part of the paper in their work.
(3) Reproduction of the paper for author's personal use or for company/institution use provided that
 (a) the permission of the IEICE is obtained prior to reproduction,
 (b) the source and IEICE copyright notice are indicated, and
 (c) the copies per se are not offered for sale.
(4) The consent of the author (or one of the authors) be sought as a condition in granting republication permission to others.

If U.S. Government/Canadian (or British) Crown Copyright is necessary, please e-mail to tpcat

Accepted papers, after final paper submission, will be included in the IEICE proceedings archives and in the IEEE Xplore based on agreement between IEICE and IEEE.

4. Submission

Go to EDAS system to submit a paper for MWP2020. (<< Click)

We will offer Student Travel Grant (STG) and IEEE Photonics Society Japan Chapter Young Scientist Award (YSA). Please do not forget to check STG and/or YSA applications when you submit the paper.

For questions about paper submissions, please contact the MWP2020 Technical Program Committee at tpcat